Dan and the Tans - Zombie

Truth or Dare - Trailer

Truth or Dare - Credits



“Dan and the Tans – Zombie” Was shot with and edited by RogerVonBiersborn.com

“Truth or Dare” was developed with a good friend, Sean Garfinkel. The basic idea was to make a small zombie movie that was fun, and had a ton of heart.

I took the credit of writer, and Sean took director. In truth we worked side by side on every element from the beginning of the writing process, casting, finding location, shooting it and cutting it. Right through to the end when we went into post; editing and doing sound design. Sean took the lead on the VFX stuff, while I designed the Key Art and all of the marketing materials.

It was a real zombie love story.

"Truth or Dare – Credits” I designed the characters and style frames. Animation by Sean Garfinkel.

“Fog” Title design. I also shot this quick experimental promotional video to match the improvisational style of the play.